Are We There Yet?

If I had to make a guess as to what question has been most asked by any child of any culture, I would guess that question to be, “Why?” Sometimes the curiosity of children is easily satisfied, but at other times, we rack our brains for an answer which is both truthful and timely. God doesn’t have that dilemma, and “Why” must certainly be the most often-asked question posed to Him by His children, too. Why did You make the earth like it is? Why do You let people starve? Why are there wars? Why, Father, did I lose my home? Why am I sick? Why won’t you send someone special into my life? Why did he or she leave me? Why did you let my child die?

God doesn’t always answer us as soon as we want or the way we expect, and whether or not we like it, we get a big lesson in patience. Patience is a virtue not common to many children, nor adults for that matter, but patience makes you strong.

“Are we there yet?” has to be one of the most common questions posed by children, too. How many times have you answered that along a road trip? Just ten minutes into the journey, you hear a little voice in the back seat chirp, “Are we there yet?” Your sweet voice explains that the trip has just begun, but after the tenth “Are we there yet?” accompanied by tears and groans and pleading, how do you respond? Are you still just as sweet? Are you still encouraging patience? Are you still offering distractions along the way?

How many times has God heard, “Are we there yet?” I myself have asked it hundreds, and maybe thousands, of times along this journey of faith. Father, are we there yet? Is this trial ending soon? Father, are we there yet? Will I understand why this or that happened? Father, are we there yet? Am I maturing as You would have me to?

I like what God says in Romans 5. We have peace with Him through Jesus Christ. We can glory in tribulation because of what it produces in us. Perseverance. And then character. And then hope. And hope does not disappoint. God has poured out His love in our hearts through the Holy Spirit. Sweet, sweet words. Encouragement for the journey.